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Market place Fees Calculator

Enter an estimate of what you believe your item to be worth and click anywhere on the calculator.

If you have an accumulative amount of items please enter the estimated value of one item a time for a more accurate calculation.

The fee shown will be a close estimate of what you will receive after all fees and our commission is deducted.

This fees again may vary depending on the market place used to sell your item(s) however we will keep you fully informed on any changes throughout the process.

Any hidden cost / fees or additional listing options we find necessary will be soaked up by Sell4U this is to avoid any inconvenience to you the client and allow us to give you a better all round experience selling with Sell4U.

eBay Fees

£0.35 for each item listed

12% fee of the final transaction value when an item sells

PayPal Fee

20p + 3.4% of the final transaction.

Please note that the amount shown is an estimation of what you may receive when you sell your item(s) with us.

The actual amount received may differ depending on the selling platform used and the fees applicable with the selling platform at that given time.

Fees and percentages for a selling platform can change at any given time please contact us if you have any further questions regarding the fees for a specific selling platform

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