Q1: Who is our service catered for?
Everyone! Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your items, whether this is to raise some much needed cash, for a full clearance in preparation for the sale of a house or business, to declutter or free up some space in your house or business premises, or to shift surplus stock that you are unable to sell or retain, you can trust that we will meet your requirements in a professional and timely manner.

Sell4U provides a seamless service that consists of taking receipt of and listing your items, all the way through to packaging and sending them to their new owners – this removes the hassle of you having to sell your items online yourself. Our knowledge coupled with the use of our systems can make the sale of your items an enjoyable experience.

Q2: I would like to make an enquiry, how should I get in contact with Sell4U?
If you have an enquiry or any queries, please get in touch with us via email at (info@sell4u.co.uk) and we will be happy to assist you.

Follow Sell4U on our social media pages.

You can request a label here.

All contact information can be found on our Contact Us page.

Q3: Is there a Fee for this service?

Commission fees for sold items

In return for using our expertise and knowledge of online selling to sell your items through any one of our marketplaces, Sell4U will deduct one-third of the final selling price and this will be taken in the form of commission. Any applicable marketplace fees as specified below will also be deducted from your account, leaving the remaining balance from the sale of your items to then be paid to you.

Marketplace transaction fees for items we have sold on your behalf

A marketplace transaction fee will apply to all items that we sell on your behalf. The amount will vary depending on which marketplace Sell4U successfully completes the transaction on.

Once your items are sold, all relevant marketplace transaction fees will be applied to your account. These fees will cover the cost of the transaction, and any charges incurred, if the method of payment used by the buyer to complete the purchase is either a credit card or via PayPal.

Please note, the fees detailed above are the same fees that would be applied if you were to sell the item independently yourself.

We have also outlined below the fees that will apply for any payment that is made to Sell4U using a credit card or PayPal.

In the event that a buyer changes their mind and returns an item for a refund, Sell4U will retain all marketplace transaction fees that have been deducted from your account – these fees will be non-refundable.

Transaction fees for items sold on an online marketplace

Our primary choice of place to sell your items will be eBay, as it is the most commonly used marketplace for online shopping and it can reach a wider international audience. The marketplace fee for any item sold on eBay is currently 12%, however this might be subject to change at any time. We will update you accordingly if such changes are made.

Fees for any items that we sell using an alternative marketplace may be different to those detailed above, and this will be due to each marketplace setting out their own specific terms, conditions and preferences. Any such difference in the fees will be outlined and sent to you via email.

In the event that a buyer changes their mind and returns an item for a refund, Sell4U will retain all transaction fees for items sold that have been deducted from your account – these fees will be non-refundable.

Payment charges

A fee of £0.20 plus 3.4% will be added when the buyer pays for their item via credit card or PayPal. This additional fee will not be incurred for any other forms of payment.

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs for your items will be charged to the buyer, who will be expected to pay any postage costs on top of the price that your items sell for. These costs are as follows:

  • £5.00 for items below 2kg and up to 1m in length
  • £10.00 for items up to 20kg and up to 1m in length
  • £25.00 for all other items

Return of items that are rejected for sale by us

Following our initial assessment of your items, in the event that we deem any of these to be unacceptable, we will return the items to you. It will be your responsibility to pay any postage fees associated with the return of your items to you and Sell4U must receive such payment in full before we can process the return and send the relevant items back to you.

Withdrawal of items already accepted by Sell4U

Should you wish to withdraw your items for any reason after they have been assessed and accepted by Sell4U, then a withdrawal fee of £25.00 per item will be charged to you. In addition, all relevant associated marketplace transaction fees, transaction fees for items sold and postage fees will need to be paid before your items can be returned to you.

However, you will only usually be able to request the withdrawal and return of your items on the strict basis that they are not subject to a firm bid and Sell4U have not committed to the sale of the items with a buyer on any of our selling platforms.

Q4: How do I send my items? / How many items can I send? / How do I arrange for my items to be collected?

Please choose the option that best meets your requirements:

  • You can request a label and we will provide you with up to five courier labels free of charge to attach to a maximum of five boxes. Once your items have been packaged and sealed securely, you must ensure that each individual box does not weigh more than 10kg, and the dimensions of each box should not be bigger than 60cm x 50cm x 50cm. You must then drop off your boxed items to your nearest courier drop off point.
  • If you would prefer to send your items using a courier service of your own choice, e.g. for item insurance purposes, then this can be done at your own expense. You can find our address details on our ‘contact us
  • Depending on where in the UK you are located, we can arrange the collection of any smaller, easy to handle items. Please contact us for more information.
  • If you have any large items that exceed the box dimensions outlined above in option 1, live within a 30 mile radius of our address, and wish to keep the items in your possession until they have been sold, then we can arrange to come to you to assess, photograph and list your items. Once your items have been sold, we will then contact you to agree and arrange collection as soon as possible.


Q5: What are your terms and conditions for arranging the collection or dispatching of items?
  • Before you request to use our service, we kindly ask you to ensure that for each individual item that you wish to sell, they should be valued at a minimum of £30.00 and must be in a good resalable condition.
  • Your items must be in good condition, be in working order and be accompanied by all relevant accessories that are required for them to be used.
  • If your items do not meet our requirements as outlined above, then we have the right to refuse them and they will be deemed as unacceptable.
  • All items must be packaged and sent in accordance with our Courier Packing Guidelines. This will help to eliminate any potential issues associated with the sending and receipt of your items.
  • You must check that you have attached your free courier label to your box along with your customer number. You must also ensure that the box used is no larger than 60cm x 50cm x 50cm in dimension and is under 10kg to guarantee your free courier label.
  • Should you wish to withdraw any items you have sent in that have not yet been sold, but have been listed on any of our selling platforms, then please note that a withdrawal fee of £25.00 per item will be charged to you. This fee will not apply to any items that have been delivered to our warehouse where you have arranged a courier service of your own choice.



Q6: Will my items be insured when they are sent to you? / What happens if my items are damaged in transit?

If you choose to use our request a label service, then your items will generally be insured up to a maximum of £50.00 per box, but only if packed according to our Courier Packing Guidelines. For all items sent to us by any other method, please note that this will be at your own risk and we will not accept any liability. 

If any of your items are £50.00 or more in value, then we would ask that you contact us to arrange an alternative method of delivery to Sell4U, e.g. you can arrange to use a courier of your choice, or in certain circumstances, we can potentially consider increasing the amount your item will be insured for above £50.00.


Q7: What will happen after Sell4U have received my items?

Once Sell4U are in receipt of your items, we will assess them to ensure they are acceptable.

If your items are deemed to be acceptable, we will research the market for current selling prices and look for the best key selling points. Following this, we will be able to determine the online resale value of your items and set a final listing price.

The next stage involves us preparing a detailed listing of your items. This will include us taking photographs, and once a purchase has been made, arranging safe delivery of your items to the buyer.

We will then make a decision as to which marketplace is best suited to listing your items. It is our aim to list your items online within seven working days of us receiving them, or sooner where possible.

Q8: Where will my items be stored and will I be notified when you have received them?

We will begin the process of evaluating the suitability of your items once they have been received, and an acknowledgement email will be sent to you as soon as we have accepted your items and established a final listing price. All items that are accepted by Sell4U will be stored securely on our premises.

Q9: How long will it take for my items to be listed?

Preparation for each listing takes time and we deal with all of our customer enquiries in date order.

Upon receiving your items, we aim to list these online within seven working days, or sooner where possible. The listing process may take longer during busier periods, or depending on which selling platform is being used.

Q10: How will my items be priced?

We use our knowledge of the online selling market to research current selling prices for your items. Your items will be compared against similar items that have been sold within the last couple of months over various selling platforms and we will then price these accordingly. If your items have not been sold after seven working days, we will review and adjust their selling prices.

Please note that all of our valuations are based on research and opinion. The final sale of your items will be based on current market demand.

Q11: Will I be involved in setting the starting price for my items?

We are open to your suggestions on the starting price of your items, however we will evaluate each one that you send and take the lead in selecting the most appropriate starting price and selling format. We have to be realistic with starting prices. Therefore, we will take into account the condition of your items and their selling potential. We may reject items where the difference between your suggestion and ours is too great.  

Q12: What will happen if my items cannot be listed?

If we receive items that are deemed to be unacceptable, we will notify you via email and explain why your items have been rejected.

We will also allow you to choose from one of the following options:

  1. We can make you an offer for your items if we consider them to still have some use.
  2. We can arrange disposal of your items free of charge.
  3. We can donate your items to a suitable charity.
  4. We can arrange for your items to be returned to you, however our return shipping fees will apply

If we do not hear from you within seven working days of our rejection email being sent to you, then we will send you a reminder giving you a grace period of a further three working days to respond to us. After this grace period has expired, if we still have not heard from you, we will automatically assume that you are happy for your items to be disposed of accordingly.

Q13: How long will my items be on eBay or any other selling platform, and what will happen if my items do not sell?

Your items will initially be listed for seven working days, usually on eBay, and we will review the listing if any of your items remain unsold after seven days.

Unsold items will automatically be re-listed by Sell4U if we believe that there is a strong possibility of them being sold the second time around. Alternatively, we will look to sell your items using one of our other selling platforms and a new link to your listed items will be sent to you via email.

We will re-list your items for as long as possible, however there may come a time when your items are considered to no longer be suitable. In this instance, we will inform you via email that we will not be re-listing your items and offer you the same options as included in our answer to Q12

If your items have still not been sold at this stage, we will review and adjust the asking price based on our opinion of current market conditions and demand; this could include lowering the asking price. We will use our discretion to maximise the possibility of your items being sold.

You may wish to withdraw your items at this point, however it should be noted that withdrawal fees would be applied to your account as in Q3.

Q14: What is an unsellable item?

We will consider your items to be unsellable if they cannot be sold despite our best efforts. There might also be instances where certain items are deemed to no longer be suitable to meet our criteria. (Q13)

Q15: Can I track my listed items?

Once your items have been listed, you will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain a link to the listings to allow you to track the bidding as it occurs, to know when your items have been sold and to view the price they have been sold for.

Q16: What if a buyer has a question about my items?

We will promptly deal with any queries raised by the potential buyer during the listing process. We will also consult with you over any auction offers made on your items, and if there are any questions from the buyer.

Q17: What will happen when my items are sold?

Once any of your items have sold, we will inform you of this via email and provide details of the sale, i.e. selling price, selling platform used and the estimated timescale in which everything will be processed.

We will ensure that your sold items are carefully and securely packaged before they are shipped to the buyer – this will be done upon Sell4U receiving payment in full for your sold items. We use various shipping methods and couriers, and will always endeavour to keep in contact with the buyer to make sure they have received their items and are satisfied with them.

Q18: When will I receive my payment?

When any of your items are sold, we will deduct our commission before applying all relevant fees to your account. Once you have paid the fees due on your account, we will then send your money via cheque to your registered address, or alternatively via bank transfer which can take between 14 – 30 working days to reach you from the date when we receive payment following the sale of your items. 

Please note if a buyer is dissatisfied with any items and they notify us of this within 30 days of the purchase date, then we will only process a refund payment to you once the item is back in our possession. At this point, we will recover any outstanding monies owed to Sell4U from you.

Can I request the return of my items at any time?

Once you have sent in your items, you may request a return provided the items are not subject to a firm bid, and as long as we have not committed to a sale with a buyer on any of our selling platforms.


Please note that if you wish to withdraw any of your items that remain unsold or unlisted, there will be a withdrawal fee of £25.00 per item. (Q3)


Q20: What will happen if my items are sold, but the buyer wants to return them?

The buyer can choose to return any items they have purchased and request a full refund within 30 days of the date of sale, whether or not the item is faulty.


If the buyer is dissatisfied and they wish to send back any of the items within the agreed 30 day timeframe for returns, then we will work to resolve the issue either directly with the buyer whilst keeping you informed, or by mediating between you and the buyer until a mutually suitable resolution has been reached.


Where a buyer requests to return an item, they will be entitled to either of the following options:

  1. A full refund – we will request for the item to be sent back to Sell4U and then assess it thoroughly before agreeing to issue a refund to the buyer.
  2. A partial refund – if Sell4U and the buyer reach a mutual agreement, we will then refund part of the money paid for the item to the buyer, but allow the buyer to keep the item.

Please note if payment has been made to you prior to a buyer dispute or a request from a buyer to return your items, then we will reserve the right to invoice you accordingly for any monies owed to Sell4U.

Q21: What items are considered to be best sellers?

Please click here to view our page, which includes a list of items that are considered to be best sellers.

Q22: What items will not be accepted?
  • Any individual bulky items with a weight in excess of 25kg.
  • Any individual items that are difficult to ship or exceed the maximum dimensions of 60cm x 50cm x 50cm (unless otherwise agreed by us – please see Q4.
  • Any items that are in poor condition (e.g. torn, stained, broken, soiled, not in working order, have missing accessories).
  • Any fragile items that could break or be easily damaged whilst in transit (e.g. china vases, mirrors, paintings, glass).
  • Any items of high value that cannot be authenticated (i.e. does not come with authentication documentation).
  • Any items which are likely to sell for less than our accepted minimum value of £30.00.
  • Any items that require a license or code (e.g. subscriptions, computer games, software).
  • Any items that are prohibited or restricted for sale on eBay and other selling platforms.
  • Items that are not accepted under courier terms and conditions.





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