Do you have good quality items that you need to sell?

Sell4u offers a fully managed service from arranging collection of your item, listing and selling and finally paying you once the item is in the hands of the new owner. All that we ask is the item you wish to sell is valued over £30 and in a good resalable condition.

Reasons to Sell With Us


We have been selling on online marketplaces for years and we have the knowledge and experience to realise a much higher price that our customers can get themselves.

Hassle Free

we arrange collection of the item and handle the entire selling process through to its conclusion. One simple online form and you are ready to go.

We are Fast

Once recieved, our listings team will ensure We get your item listed within 7 days of receiving it and will work hard to maximise your sale price.

Great Value

You can send as many items as you like to us at once and our bespoke on boarding service is free of charge. You only pay a fee when we complete your sale.

What Our Customers Say

Having a relatives house left to us after their passing was a worry as we really didn’t want to sort their belonging. Sell4u dealt with the property from initial clearance to the selling of the items ensuring that certain items were passed back to us. We were extremely happy with their professionalism and the money we received from the estate sales.

L Jones

I was a huge collector of vintage toys in my teens but decided to sell my collection to get on the property ladder. Sell4u took possession of my collection and sold it all in under 3 weeks. I never would of found the time myself and certainly didn’t expect to get the amount I did.

K Laurent

Easy to use, quick, honest and reliable. I didn’t have to worry about postage or feedback. My items were sold and I received my money very quickly

P Fellows

Did you Know?

‘The average home contains £1,000 – £3000 of unwanted items’

Did you Know?

‘Using sell4u could increase your chance of selling an item by 50% using our various sources and selling platforms’

Did you Know?

‘The average online selling marketplaces draw nearly 184 million visitors a month and are home to over 164 million active buyers’

Did you Know?

‘6 in 10 people said they have clutter in the homes because they can’t spare the time to try and sell it themselves this where sell4u is here to help’

Did you Know?

‘On average sell4u will achieve a 30% better final selling price for you ‘

Did you Know?

‘81% of Brits are clinging on to an average of 32 unused household objects worth £514, with the UK as a whole owning two billion neglected items worth a grand total of £32.7 billion’

Did you Know?

‘know clothes are the most common thing to be cluttering up our homes, followed by CDs, books and toys, totaling on average143 unused items stashed away in a typical household’

Did you Know?

‘60% of households have sellable items that the owner has not used or worn in over 3 years ‘

Did you Know?

‘Over half the homes in the UK have lost a spare room, garage or loft due to it been taken up by unwanted items’

Did you Know?

‘There is a huge, fast paced online market for your used Clothing, Electronics, Accessories, Sporting goods, Toys & Furniture where on average you can £10 – £250’

Did you Know?

‘Most wardrobes in an average home have clothing still with the price tags. Studies show this can accumulate to £572 in untouched clothing’

Did you Know?

‘You can generate hundreds of pounds in cash by clearing out and selling unwanted items. ‘

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